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About Us

Sakonnet Systems - Trusted Staffing Solutions U.S

“We define success as the relentless pursuit of excellence”

Scott Caito – CEO Sakonnet Systems

About Us

Sakonnet: Your Gateway to Premier Staffing Solutions in the USA

Welcome to Sakonnet, where we merge talent and technology to revolutionize your business. Our mission is to connect you with not just skilled professionals.

In the world of staffing, Sakonnet stands apart – we don’t just offer staffing solutions; we build the foundations of business triumph.

Explore the Sakonnet edge in Staffing Solutions USA. We’re committed to elevating your business with our tailored and tech-driven services. Let’s embark on a journey of growth and excellence together.

Our Approach

Strategic, client-focused methodology that ensures precise talent alignment with your business needs.

Our Values

Integrity, innovation, and excellence - core principles guiding every facet of our service.

Our Support

Unwavering, 24/7 assistance ensuring seamless integration of our staffing solutions into your business.

Our Resources

Access to a vast network of top-tier talent and cutting-edge technology for all your staffing needs.

Vision & Mission


Connecting outstanding organizations with remarkable individuals for lasting success, to be your trusted partner in the buisness world, synonymous with excellence.


Inspired by the art of matchmaking, we align professional skills with interpersonal character traits, creating pivotal connections that build dynamic, enduring teams and partnerships

Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us For Tailored Hiring Solutions and Services

At Sakonnet, we understand that the right hire can redefine your team’s potential. Don’t hesitate to reach out for staffing solutions and services meticulously tailored to your business needs.

Perfect staffing solutions for businesses of all levels

Our dedicated experts are ready to guide you through a seamless hiring process, ensuring you connect with top-tier talent that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.  Let’s discuss how we can support your growth with the perfect hiring strategy. Contact us today.

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Professional Team

Our Team

Meet Our Team: The Pillars of Sakonnet

Discover the driving force behind Sakonnet’s success – our dedicated team. Comprising industry experts and innovative minds, our team members are not just employees; they are the architects of our exceptional service delivery.
Sakonnet Systems - Trusted Staffing Solutions U.S

Dina Parsons

HR Officer

Sakonnet Systems - Trusted Staffing Solutions U.S

Roxie Hodgson

CEO Mindtech

Sakonnet Systems - Trusted Staffing Solutions U.S

Shanai Yoder

IT Consultant

Our Services

The Perfect Blend of Onshore and Offshore Talent for Professional and BPO Services

Experience unparalleled expertise and cost-effectiveness with our strategically combined onshore and offshore staffing solutions for your professional and BPO needs.

Staffing Solutions

Our staffing services encompass Project-Based Solutions, Hourly Consultants, Remote Permanent Resources, and Permanent Hires

Technology and Innovation

We leverage the latest in technology, including advanced AI, to continuously innovate and maintain a leading edge.

Business Process Outsourcing:

Optimize operations with our Customer Support, Cyber Security, Sales and Digital Marketing and e-Commerce BPO solutions.

Software Development Services

We utilize cutting-edge technologies in software development, boosting efficiency and accuracy through AI tools and analytics."

Are you looking for solutions in staffing, recruiting, or technology?