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Experience the synergy of our onshore and offshore staffing solutions, tailored for your professional and BPO needs.

Web Development

Collaborate with our expert developers for state-of-the-art web development solutions.

Content Development

Engage our talented content creators for SEO-rich, brand-elevating narratives.

Machine Learning

Utilize our machine learning experts to gain actionable insights and automate processes.

Mobile App Design

Access our creative, user-centric, standout mobile apps, captivate your audience with seamless functionality

Data Analytics

Tap into our expertise for financial forecasting, customer behavior analytics, and more.

Digital Marketing

Drive visibility and engagement with our data driven digital marketing services.

Customer Support

Enhance your customer satisfaction with our exceptional support professionals.

Sales Operations

Elevate your sales strategy with our globally experienced sales operations talent.

Project Management

Ensure successful, timely project completion with our expert project managers.

Brand Management

Craft a resonant brand identity with our strategic brand managers.

Hosting and Cloud

Rely on our experts for scalable, high uptime hosting and cloud services.

Cyber Security

Fortify your digital landscape with our cybersecurity specialists.

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Since 2002

A legacy of excellence in staffing and BPO services, connecting businesses with top-tier talent for over two decades.

What Client Say About Us

Scott Caito at Sakonnet Systems has done an outstanding job for us. He recruited our best talent for positions that were unique and challenging to fill. Not only were the candidates great technical fits, they are great personality fits with our company culture. He really takes his job and clients to heart and is completely dedicated to completing each search successfully. As a recruiter, Scott is a true HR professional, which is why he is so successful. I would recommend him in a heartbeat


I’ve enlisted the services of Scott at Sokonnet Systems while at several companies. Scott's proven to be a trusted, effective and professional resource who has consistently exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend turning to Scott to assist you with your critical needs.


Scott provided exceptional recruiting services for our Development team at Hara Software, saving us nearly $70k over similar outsourced staffing alternatives and helping us to increase the team size by 30% within a 4 month period of time. Scott and his team came up to speed exceptionally fast on the needs of the group, built a strong rapport with our hiring managers and within 60 days, we were back in line with our hiring targets. Thank you Scott!


FAQs: Quick Insights into Our Services

Quickly gain clear insights on transforming your business with our expert staffing and BPO services. Our streamlined FAQs provide essential information, simplifying your decision-making process.

Our web development hiring solutions for businesses are specifically designed to bolster your online presence. By connecting you with expert developers, we ensure your website is not just visually appealing but also highly functional, ensuring engagement and growth. These professionals are adept in the latest technologies and trends, ensuring your website stands out in a competitive digital landscape, ultimately enhancing your company's online visibility and user engagement.
Sakonnet's content development staffing solutions are unique because we focus on recruiting top talent who specialize in creating SEO-rich, engaging content. This approach leads to brand elevation as our professionals understand how to craft narratives that resonate with your target audience. By leveraging their expertise, your content strategy will not only attract visitors but also convert them into loyal customers, setting our services apart in terms of quality and effectiveness.
By hiring machine learning experts for business innovation, Sakonnet provides a significant competitive edge. These experts offer actionable insights and automate business processes, leading to more efficient operations. Their deep understanding of AI and machine learning technologies allows them to implement solutions that can predict market trends, optimize customer experiences, and streamline internal processes, thus driving innovation and productivity in your business.
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