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At Sakonnet Systems, we excel in staffing solutions and BPO services, aimed at elevating your team and streamlining operations.

Discover how we can help you achieve operational excellence and strategic growth.

Our Commitment:

Dedicated to creating value-driven strategies, we are a leading name among temporary placement agencies and staffing solutions providers, ensuring a pathway to success and growth tailored to your unique business needs.

Our Soltuions

Collaboration and Integrity: Our approach is deeply rooted in a collaborative, client-centric model. As one of the premier staffing solutions providers, we prioritize your needs and goals, setting the benchmark for new hire solutions.

Building Relationships: Our integrity and commitment have made us a sought-after name in temporary staffing near me searches, building lasting relationships rooted in mutual success.
Our Services

The Perfect Blend of Onshore and Offshore Talent:

Experience the synergy of our onshore and offshore staffing solutions, tailored for your professional and BPO needs.

Staffing Solutions

Our staffing services encompass Project-Based Solutions, Hourly Consultants, Remote Permanent Resources, and Permanent Hires

Technology and Innovation

We leverage the latest in technology, including advanced AI, to continuously innovate and maintain a leading edge.

Business Process Outsourcing:

Optimize operations with our Customer Support, Cyber Security, Sales and Digital Marketing and e-Commerce BPO solutions.

Software Development Services

We utilize cutting-edge technologies in software development, boosting efficiency and accuracy through AI tools and analytics."

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Solutions and Services

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Our Services

Solutions & Focus Areas

Whether it’s staffing solutions that elevate your team or BPO services that streamline your operations, we’re committed to excellence. Explore our offerings and find out how we can help you achieve operational brilliance and strategic growth.

Web Development

Collaborate with our expert developers for state-of-the-art web development solutions.

Content Development

Engage our talented content creators for SEO-rich, brand-elevating narratives.

Machine Learning

Utilize our machine learning experts to gain actionable insights and automate processes.

Mobile App Design

Access creative designers specializing in intuitive, user-centric mobile apps that stand out in a crowded market with our mobile app design hiring solutions.

Data Analytics

Whether it's financial forecasting, customer behavior analytics, or operational efficiency studies, our professionals have the expertise to handle diverse analytical challenges.

Digital Marketing

Foster your online presence with digital marketing specialists from our staffing solutions, driving visibility and engagement across digital platforms. Make sure that you're on top.

Customer Support

Enhance customer satisfaction with dedicated support professionals who deliver exceptional service and support through our customer support staffing solutions.

Sales Operations

Boost your sales strategy with experienced sales operations talent, ensuring efficiency and growth with our specialized sales staffing solutions.

Project Management

Ensure your projects are in expert hands with our project management hiring solutions, delivering on-time results and aligning with your business goals.

Brand Management

Build a resonant brand identity with strategic brand managers from our staffing solutions, shaping perceptions and experiences.

Hosting and Cloud

Secure reliable experts in hosting and cloud services, ensuring high uptime and scalable solutions with our hiring expertise.

Cyber Security

Protect your digital landscape with cyber security specialists, fortifying your systems and data with our robust staffing solutions.

Since 2001

A legacy of excellence in staffing and BPO services, connecting businesses with top-tier talent for over two decades.

What Clients Say About Us

Scott Caito at Sakonnet Systems has done an outstanding job for us. He recruited our best talent for positions that were unique and challenging to fill. Not only were the candidates great technical fits, they are great personality fits with our company culture. He really takes his job and clients to heart and is completely dedicated to completing each search successfully. As a recruiter, Scott is a true HR professional, which is why he is so successful. I would recommend him in a heartbeat


Scott truly understands the professional staffing business and provided our company with excellent candidates that were truly a fit for the positions we were hiring for. In addition, Scott provided true 'thought leadership' going beyond the traditional staffing role to really help us drive the requirements for the people -rather than simply 'order taking'


I’ve enlisted the services of Scott at Sokonnet Systems while at several companies. Scott's proven to be a trusted, effective and professional resource who has consistently exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend turning to Scott to assist you with your critical needs.


Scott provided exceptional recruiting services for our Development team at Hara Software, saving us nearly $70k over similar outsourced staffing alternatives and helping us to increase the team size by 30% within a 4 month period of time. Scott and his team came up to speed exceptionally fast on the needs of the group, built a strong rapport with our hiring managers and within 60 days, we were back in line with our hiring targets. Thank you Scott!


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